1. How and when can I modify my order?

You can modify your order items up to one day before the scheduled delivery date by reaching us on the customer helpline, website/app chat, or email. Please note, the date and time of delivery are subject to change due to modification of your order. On changing your order, rent and deposit will be automatically adjusted as per current rates at the time of placing your order. After successful confirmation, your monthly rental amount will be calculated based on the newly chosen items in your order.

As a customer and party to the rental contract, your products cannot be shifted from the address mentioned in this delivery address to any other location without notifying Airborne Enterprises. In case of a change of address and assistance with relocation, please contact us two weeks prior to the relocation or raise a relocation request via the customer dashboard for further assistance.

2. How can I cancel my existing order?

You can cancel an order up until one day before the agreed date of delivery without any extra cost. Once delivered, an existing order cannot be canceled.

3. Can I return a few or all items of the order if I’m not happy with the products at the time of delivery?

Yes. While all our products pass a series of stringent quality checks, if you’re not happy with the product’s condition due to a defect or non-functionality, you may return the same at the time of delivery. If notified at the time of delivery, some exceptions can be considered in a valid case or circumstance. Please note, a return option will not be available at the time of delivery once our team exits your premises after successful confirmation of your order delivery. We also advise checking the product’s specified dimensions before placing the order, as item rejection will not be considered eligible for return.

4. Can I close my rental subscription prior to the committed tenure?

Yes, you can. In case of early termination of your order, you can request for closure for one or all your items by informing us 7 days before the selected preferred date. An early closure charge will be applicable since the products will be returned before the end of your chosen tenure. To raise a closure request,

  • Log in to your Airborne Enterprises account.
  • Click on ‘New Request’ and choose ‘Close Subscription.’
  • Select the products you want to return.
  • Choose a return date at your convenience.

To avoid early closure charges, you can also consider the following options.

  • In case you’re looking to close your subscription due to relocation, you can check our list of operational cities and continue your current subscription from the new city.
  • You can also transfer your subscription to someone else, and the early closure charges will no longer be applicable.

In case of any doubts or queries, we encourage you to use the chat feature on the website/app to know more about the ownership transfer of your rented products.

5. What are the early closure charges?

Since the products will be returned before the end of your chosen tenure, the early closure charge is calculated based on your selected tenure and based on the category of products.

An Early Closure Charge is payable in case you decide to return the products before your current tenure is up. The charge payable is a multiple of your Monthly Rent, which is decided by the current tenure of your contract.

Please check your customer dashboard or your contract for the exact amount payable at any time.

6. How do I get my refundable deposit?

On approval of a successful quality check of your rented products and clearance of any pending dues, a refund will be initiated toward your account. The same will be credited within 7-9 working days in the Bank account. Bank Account Details shared should be under the name of the Customer on whose name the order was placed. If you want to receive the refund amount to a different account, please reach our customer support for further assistance.

In case of any damages to your rented products, Airborne Enterprises will inspect the products at our warehouse to determine a detailed breakdown of damage costs. The damage cost will then be deducted from your refundable amount.